We support you in making the right choice of seal types and sealing materials. Moreover we assist in developing sealing concepts and solutions.

In cooperation with you we develop sealing solutions for wipers, rod seals, piston seals, guide rings etc for challenges such as:

Seal concept for the maximization time between maintenance

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our sealing concept supports fast and easy assembly during maintenance. The concept is aimed at the minimization of dust insertion and extending service life.

Minimization of down time

By means of split solutions time for assembling is reduced and unnecessary extensions of down time can be avoided.

Thanks to our fast manufacturing and delivery service as well as due to our sealing solutions we enable you to minimize down time of your production. We react fast and flexible to very specific requirements and specifications

Sealing solutions for complex working conditions

Intelligent sealing solutions are requested if e.g. steam, aggresive fluids play a role. Harsh environments like high temperatures and dirt require a special analysis and / or well considered solutions..

No matter if your case is dealing with linear movement at hydraulic presses, synchronizing cylinders or havey load hydraulic systems – we know about the impact of pressure peaks, vacuum or side load.

Also in case of rotating applications at e.g. rolling mills, swivel joints, gear boxes, bearings at paper mills and other large scale equipment we are your contact. We are familiar with mechanical presses for extrusion, forging, hot forming or high pressures.

Outstanding service and first class quality are a matter of course.

Our name stands for the outstanding function of our seals.

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